Chipping Potatoes – Our Speciality

Available in bag sizes 25kg and 20kg.
A range of varieties grown specifically to supply the chip shop catering trade with an all year round quality frying potato. Varieties include; Maris Piper, Leonardo, Miranda, Sagitta and Markies.

Ware Potatoes

Available in bag sizes 25kg, 20kg, 12.5kg and 7.5 kg.
The potatoes grown for this pack are good quality and can be used for boiling, baking and roasting. They are available 52 weeks of the year and mainly sold to the wholesale shop market, varieties included are Estima, Arrow, Orla and Minerva.


Supermarket Swede packed by blas y tir (400g- 800g)

Wholesale Swede packed in 12.5kg nets. Each net contains 13-15 Swedes (400 g – 1000g).
Processing Swede available in 12.5kg nets or bulk (500-2000g).