To keep Norton Farm running we have the help of a talented team. You can learn more about them here.

Fred Jones

Our machinery operator for the last 18 years, Fred is responsible for taking care of the farm maintenance here at Norton Farm. He has the ability to fix and repair anything.

Marc Adams

Marc has been our livestock man for the last 13 years. He helps with the tractor work in spring and summer, but his real skills and focus are around the sheep and cattle enterprises.

Ally Gall

Ally has worked on the farm for 11 years and looks after the pack house and grading at Norton. He’s also responsible for organising the delivery of chipping potatoes to our catering trade outlets.

Shamus Nolan

Shamus has worked at Norton Farm for 5 years now and is responsible for all of the farm’s spraying duties. He also operators one of the planters in the spring time and potato harvester in autumn.

Tom Watts

Tom is the newest member of our team, having worked here for the last year. He is a very skilled tractor driver and machinery operator, and is responsible for all of the machinery maintenance.

Lee Davies

Lee has worked with us here at Norton Farm for the last 5 years. He is an excellent pack house operator and forklift driver.

Dougie Davies

Dougie has a wealth of knowledge and experience at Westfield. He looks after all of the livestock at Westfield in only the way Doug knows, his way.

John Hayman

John is still very active and looks after all of the stock at Barnlake Farm. His experience in helping the next two generations to grow quality crops is invaluable. His love is still the very first early potatoes.

Richard Hayman

Richard oversees the day to day running of the business with particular emphasis on purchases and sales. His biggest interests are in the potato enterprise and all that it entails.

Jo Hayman

Jo runs the office at Norton Farm and completes all necessary paperwork. She also organises the livery at Great Westfield and her biggest interests are with the rearing of the calves and lambing the ewes.

Luke Hayman

Luke has recently come home after completing a four year degree course at Harper Adams University. His main interests are in crops and vegetable production.

Toby Hayman

Toby, being the youngest member of the team, has just finished a two year course at Gelli Aur agricultural college. He is particularly interested in livestock and machinery.